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Personal Chef in Virginia

With SweetBazil you can savor the memorable experience of having our personal chefs in Virginia. They would prepare a pre-agreed meal of your choice, in your own home, setting the tone and ambiance, creating an experience which you would savor. Living a healthy lifestyle or have dietary and nutritional restrictions? If this is your case, make us your first choice.

We have professional chefs who can cook and appeal to your personal taste. What do you desire to eat on weekends? Our chefs bring back your taste buds by making food for diabetics, food sensitivities, gluten intolerance and an individual who’s on weight loss or weight gain programs.

Say ‘NO’ to grocery shopping and cooking with SweetBazil’s personal chef, meals prep, or drop off catering service at your convenience. At Sweet Bazil our motto is “Just relax, We’ll Cook”!

Customized Menu:- A personal chef understands your preference for taste and cooks what you have instructed.

Storage:– Leave no food unpacked. Store your meal in the refrigerator and freezer. 

Cleanup:– The SweetBazil Experience doesn’t end at the meal. Our personal chefs prepare, serves, and cleans up after the meal for their clients, leaving your kitchen as clean if not cleaner than what we came into.

Eat salubrious and live smarter without giving up taste.     

With three simple steps, your personalized experience awaits you:

  • Give us a call, describe your experience.
  • Have our chefs at your home
  • Experience SweetBazil and our Green Bow Tie service.