First-class Personal Chef Services

First-class Personal Chef Services On-site catering in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.


The best personal chefs for your intimate party

Having guests over but too busy to cook? Are you looking to hire a chef to make exquisite cuisines for you and your loved ones? Enjoy the finest food in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. without leaving the comfort of your home with our personal chef services. Let Chef Celestine & the Sweet Bazil Team prepare gourmet meals from scratch to make your intimate gathering unforgettable and fun.


Hire a chef today!

Are you planning an intimate event in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia? Hire our personal chef to take your occasion to the next level. Leverage our years of experience catering to diverse clients to transform mundane ingredients into magnificent cuisine. Whether you are planning dinner for your inner clique or a mini get-together for your loved ones; our at-home chefs will make the occasion as special as you want it to be. We offer on-site catering services, customized meal delivery, and more.