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Top 5 foods we’re craving this winter!

The winter season can be tough, and with Christmas around the corner, it can be difficult to stop yourself from over eating comfort food. Below, we take a look at some of the most heart-warming winter foods that are still healthy and delicious.



Ramen, a Japanese favorite, is one of the most satisfying and nourishing winter meals available. Find a local spot that makes fresh noodles, and slow-cooked meats like pork belly, with a rich bone broth. If you eat Ramen made from scratch then you’ll get a filling and nutritious meal (it’s rich in vitamin E, protein, and manganese) while feeling heart warmed.


Warm winter salad

Who ever said that a salad is just for summer? Warm salads are the easiest way to stay healthy during the long cold months. Our favorite warm salad is with pumpkin, onion, parsnips, and spinach with olive oil, honey, white wine vinegar, and sunflower seeds.



A potpie is hearty, simple, and delicious, three things that are a must during winter. Try a Lamb, red wine, and rosemary potpie topped with a buttery golden pastry top. Once you start making potpies you will find yourself looking forward to the winter months!



Tagine is a Moroccan stew that is slow-cooked in an earthenware pot with spices, fruits, and served with a side of couscous. This is a great way to not only eat your meat and vegetables, but also get a healthy serve of winter fruit. There are many different kinds of Tagine, but we’re really craving Lamb with apricots and prunes!



Sweet pies

It’s cold outside; you need to treat yourself sometimes right? If you feel like whipping up a storm in the kitchen and treating yourself to all the beautiful winter fruits available, try making a pumpkin pie with ginger cream, a pear and berry pie with rhubarb, the possibilities are endless.

Top 5 foods we’re craving this winter!